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Aima's Writing is a sub-brand of Aima's Corner. Her goal is to birth the company's vision by focusing on transforming the lives of her readers primarily through writing. Aima's Writing encompasses newsletters, articles, books, and literary works of art. This blog is a medium to achieve this goal.


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TESTIMONY AIMALOHI OYEKPEN is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Aima's Corner.

She is a 500-level Law Student at Obafemi Awolowo University where she serves as the Director of Litigations for Victus Chambers.

Aside from the wig, Aimalohi’s interests are expressed in singing, dancing, acting and humanitarian services. This passion led her to join Safe Haven for Counselling Initiative, a non-governmental organization where she currently wears the dual hat of an Ambassador and Social media manager.

Aimalohi is a Christian with an audacious vision for a revolutionary change in the entertainment industry. She is dedicated to this pursuit and her passion is revealed through her inspiring and knowledgeable creativity. She is committed to sharing the knowledge unravelled on her part as she finds her feet in life and ministry. Through her lifestyle blog, she births these desires.

Aimalohi epitomizes excellence and resourcefulness. She showcases this value in every sphere of her life–from her academic zeal to her commitment to faculty organizations, actively serving in church, her jobs, past and present. The track record of her previous websites solidifies this truth and reveals the importance she places on translating that excellence to her company.

Strap in and be prepared to watch Aima bring out the YOU in you through Aima’s Writing.

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